Nice is another city located on the Mediterranean. Like Marseille, Nice was originally inhabited by the Ancient Greeks. It is a colorful city that has attracted many famous artists including Henri Mattisse.

See also Nice: Matisse Museum

Travel Tips:

  • Nice is another city where it can be difficult to drive. Streets are narrow and sometimes steep. Drivers can be a bit aggressive. There are trains that go to Nice from Marseille so this may be a better option for some folks.
  • You can get a 24 hour museum pass for 10 euro that allows entry into a bunch of museums including the Matisse/Picasso museum, archeology museum, and natural history.
  • There is a gorgeous park next to the Matisse museum and another just up the stairs through the first park. It would be a lovely place for a picnic!

Next time:

  • Spend some time walking around the old city.
  • Visit the Renoir museum about 30 minutes from Nice.

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