France Itinerary

I am bursting with excitement for my trip to France. One of the best parts of a great trip is the anticipation. I cannot wait to leave on Thursday June 21! I am hoping to make great use of my time on this trip since I am trying to bring back so much for my students. Here is my tentative itinerary:

June 21: Leave for France

June 22: Arrive in France

June 22-27: Paris

June 28: Giverny

June 29: Quimper

June 30: Mont Saint-Michel

July 1: Strasbourg

July 2: Dijon

July 3-5: Paris

July 6: Lyon

July 7-9: Bonifacio, Corsica

July 10: Bordeaux, Lascaux

July 11: Toulouse

July 12: Carcasonne

July 13: Marseille, Nice

July 14-17: Paris, Loire Valley

July 17: Return

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