Immigration in France

Immigrants have helped shape French culture. Throughout time, the French have both welcomed and mistreated immigrant populations depending on various circumstances. The National Museum of Immigration tells this story.

A cartoon by an artist killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack:

Discrimination towards immigrants began with the very first immigrants.

Contrary to what is sometimes believed, immigrants often learn French very quickly. Each generation often becomes less tied to their “home” culture.

French society is diverse and enriched by the culture of its immigrant populations.

These objects brought by immigrants are now used daily by French people outside the original communities.

This artist imagines a society that is open to products from around the world. Products in the vending machine come from French immigrant communities.

Although Josephine Baker was an immigrant, she is seen as a French cultural icon. However, Baker was exotisized On my second day in Paris, I ate a picnic breakfast along the Canal and headed over to the French National Museum of Immigration. The first exhibit I saw though was all about les Gitans (gypsies) who have been living in France for a long time. Although they are not new immigrants having lived in France for generations, they are often marginalized and have often been treated as “others” in France. areinforced stereotypes Numerous immigrants have played a role in shaping French artistic and academic voice.

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