Carcasonne is a gorgeous medieval castle and town located in the southwest of France. It is an ancient site that was inhabited first by Celtic tribes and then by the Romans. Thanks to a local historian the site was saved and restored in the 1800s. It remains one of the largest medieval cities in Europe.

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Tourist tips:

  • It is free to get into the city, but if you want to enter the castle and ramparts (recommended), get your ticket online ahead of time.
  • Get there early during the summer months and do the castle first. I was able to walk right in since I already had my ticket.
  • My Airbnb was awesome (best I have had in France) and you should stay there. ( It includes an amazing breakfast!
  • The audio guide is probably not worth it. A lot of the information was written on placards. The join us in France podcast actually gave better information.

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Learn more about the Carcasonne Castle

Learn more about the Carcasonne School Museum

Learn more about the life of a knight at Carcasonne

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